Friday, August 06, 2004

Favorite Mexican Restaurants

> 1. El Salto - Baltimore, MD
> Great people, margaritas, cheese dip, guac, shrimp cocktail, burrito con
> azada, tacos de carne azada, burrito deluxe. The building is an old
> school converted Wendy's, a sure sign of quality.
> 2. Casa Grande (aka The Big House) - Richmond, VA
> Good times, good times...I've eaten here a bunch...many good meals with
> great friends. tasty cheese dip, jumbo quesadilla, jumbo burrito,
> enchiladas suprema, monthly mariachi band. Many restaurants came and went
> at this location, but none could survive until the Big House came along.
> 3. Los Gilbertos - Fruita, CO
> No frills old taco stand, but the food is the best after a day of mountain
> biking around Fruita. The chicken soft tacos will put the shizzle in
> your dizzle.
> 4. Maui Tacos - Maui, HI
> Beautiful location, though it's a long way to travel for Mexican. Amazing
> breakfast burritos, generous salsa bar including pineapple salsa,
> reasonable prices.
> 5. Chipotle - everywhere
> Basically fast food, but it's top quality and fresh. Carnitas (braised
> pork) is the best, excellent guac, generous portions.

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