Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Surviving intervals on the trainer

Post Trainer
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Last night I did the first LT intervals of the year.

The trainer kind of sucks for doing intervals. I'd much rather be riding outside...go figure. However, a good race video really helps the brain get through the mental suffering.

I dialed into a stage from the '04 Giro that climbed over the Passo del Mortirolo and some skinny, goat path roads over the Passo del Vivione.

Simoni attacks his teammate Cunego in a long distance break with Garzelli, but Cunego plays it cool and holds onto the jersey.

The best part of the video is the SICK descending scenes that the insane motorcycle-cam drivers get zipping down these skinny roads, slick with snow run-off.

Riders were overcooking turns and taking incredible risks to get to the bottom. Popovych, Cunego, and Mazzoleni put on an incredible display of descending. Several riders crashed trying to keep up with them and the camera was right there giving the viewer a first person perspective of the action.

I let out a yelp more than once as riders flirted with disaster. That's some good stuff.

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