Saturday, April 30, 2005

sleep deprivation...zzzzzz

Well I got about 30 minutes of sleep last night (in 30 second intervals).

It seems that Thor has confused night and day. He slept all day yesterday and he was awake all last night.
He was constantly hungry (poor Mom) and he needed many many diaper changes...not to mention the 3 clothes changes thanks to the rookie diaper changers (poor Dad and Mom).
He also had the hiccups twice (poor kid). 8-)

The cats were completely freaked out when he got upset. Jack even ran into the dresser after being startled while sleeping under the cradle.

He finally got to sleep just before 8 this morning after I brought him downstairs and put him in his papsan swing.
At this point I wasn't going back to sleep so I made a nice pot of Peet's coffee and some oatmeal.

So now I'm sitting on the couch messing around on the iBook and watching him snooze.
Even with no sleep I couldn't be happier.

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