Sunday, November 20, 2005

Hokies vs Hoos

So...the Hokies kicked our ass yesterday, in Charlottesville taboot.

At least some good came out of it as we collected a lot of food for the Central Virginia Food Bank.

My Dad and Brother came up with this great idea and made it happen, but I got some erroneous credit for it in a news story last year and the myth has been perpetuated.

Anyhoo, I'm just glad that some positive jonxe has been created out of a silly college football rivalry.

From The Richmond Times-Dispatch

Saturday, November 19, 2005
Ray Mcallister's "Point of View" column

Tech people are rednecks.

U.Va. people are silly snobs.

Time to settle it with the second annual "Hokies vs. Hoos for the Hungry" between fans, a game-week competition for donations to the Central Virginia Foodbank.

Virginia Tech grad (and 1-800-G0T-JUNK? franchisee) Wayne Nystrom and his sons, Tech grad Jon and Virginia grad Chris, set up the "food fight."

Food or donations can be left at any Kroger grocery store through today, the day of the big football game.

Tech fans narrowly won last year. This year, they lead 3,267 can-equivalents to 2,029 (updates at

C'mon, Cavs, let's beat'em!

C'mon, Hokies, let's beat'em!

This is terrific.

But you know, wouldn't a real food fight be great, too?


Hatch said...


Did not know your family was the genesis of this idea. What a great thing! However I suppose college football rivalries tend to be sillier when your team has the 14 and the other team has the 52.

On another topic are you peaking for Nat's yet?


Chris said...

Yeah, good point. 8-)

I'm just trying to hang onto some kind of fitness. Training time is very limited, but I'm hoping that racing at Reston this weekend and then races at Fair Hill both days the following weekend will build the form a bit.

I'm getting some training in, but not enough to get near a peak.

I don't know what to expect at Natz with field sizes of 150+. That's just nuts. With that many people on the course it could be tough to just get through congestion and ride. The main goal will be to enjoy the experience and ride hard.