Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Some static started in the pool hall...

When I lived in the city...

There was a pack of rats living in the alley.
Dogs wandered the neighborhood crapping on the sidewalk.
The bums dug through the trash cans & pissed on the side of the building.
Neighborhood robberies & burglaries were a weekly occurence.
I had to pack up the car and drive 15 minutes to get to the mtb trails.

Now that I live in the 'burbs...

There's a family of foxes living in the back yard.
Deer wander the neighborhood eating flowers.
The groundhog out back digs in my compost pile.
I can leave the garage door open and the doors unlocked.
I can ride my mtb 2 minutes and be on the trails.

I enjoyed my time in the city, but I'm a lot happier now.

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