Saturday, July 08, 2006

random shite

I love my mac, but it's turning into a piece of shit. It's painfully slow and the battery dies after only 15 minutes of use.
Now I have to keep my laptop plugged in so that I can use it...or stare at the screen while it locks up.

The trails are finally good after all of the recent rains, but the creeks have changed dramatically. I ate it in one today when I hit a bunch of rocks (that didn't used to be there) in water that was deeper than I expected. I went over the bars, slammed my ankle into my crank, and landed half in the water. Gee. It was still a good ride with 3 hours out on the trails, but my ankle is bruised and pounding tonight.

Yesterday I knocked out a couple of 15 minute LT's...or I should say they knocked me out. Between those and today's ride I'm exhausted right now.

I'm confused...

My co-workers tell me I've way skinny, but in cycling terms I'm still a pretty big dude at 6'1" and 175 lbs. My ass gets dropped in a hurry when the road goes uphill for any extended time. There's no way I'm getting below 170 (due to my love of Mexican food and a Belgian beer now and again) so I'll continue to suck on the climbs. At least in 'cross the climbs are usually short. As for the co-workers I'll tell 'em to jam another doughnut down their throats! I guess even if I'm a non-skinny bike racer I'm still thin by pork-o-american standards?

I'm pretty sure I'm doing Fair Hill on 7/16, my first xc mtb race in a long time. I think I'll be good for about 20 minutes and then blow sky high, puking on the side of the trail as I fight off cramps.

Speaking of fat about Boonen. In today's TT he looked like a giant compared to most of those guys. I know he's anything but a lard, but in relative terms the guy is huge.

Levi totally shit the bed today. What the hell was wrong with him? I think he's capable of winning big races, but maybe his head isn't quite in it sometimes.

Bobby J looked like a rag doll going down in that bend. He's another guy that maybe was feeling the pressure of being the team leader.

Disco tanked it and T-Mobile were stellar. I foresee a tough battle for the Phonak boys. If T-Mobile plays their cards right they should be able to win the Tour. Hell, if Jan were still racing the race would practically be over after today's TT.

Will any team be able to control the race in the mountains? No way. Floyd is going to have to do some chasing of his own. No doubt, it'll be exciting. More crazy shit is sure to ensue.

I was on vacation all last week so life is good here...plenty of riding and family time. I could get used to this.

Good night.


Hatch said...


Distressed to hear about you Mac because I have been thinking of getting one.

Chris said...

I should have gotten one with a faster processor and bigger HD. I bought the cheapest model and I've filler 'er up.

I would say get one for sure, just don't skimp on speed and memory.