Monday, January 22, 2007

Didn't they pre-ride?

No, this is not the C race. This is a World Cup.

Yo, how 'bout some hay bales?

Cue up Richard Fries..."Oh, the humanity!"


Hatch said...

Nothing like sliding into a nice metal barrier to make you reassess your career choice.

gwadzilla said...

great video
although I am not usually a fan of crash videos
especially when it appears someone has been hurt

great to see that you are still thinking cross

Jim said...

Thanks for posting that man. That was awesome and pretty much sums up my cross experiences - "I meant well, but somehow things just got off track, and then got worse and worse."

I especially like the last guy to come flying into the picture, who countersteered right into the crowd barrier. He wasn't even close to making the turn.

Yeah, I've been there...