Saturday, February 17, 2007


Today's ride was all about the gigglewatts. I was pumping them out, having so much fun that I was giggling.

Trail conditions right now are a once-a-decade phenomenon. The snow/sleet has frozen solid producing a surface similar to slickrock. It's smooth, fast, and surprisingly grippy. You still have to use caution and run lower pressure, but traction is pretty good. Now, if you get off your bike and walk you'll be on your ass, so stay on the bike!

I had a nice ride this morning hitting most of Patapsco Avalon. The trails are only a guide as you can pick your own lines to ride the killer frozen contours in the woods. I had fun, though I did take a swim in a creek over on the Hilton/Hilltop side. Both hands and both feet went under when I lost traction transitioning from ice to an icy rock. It was chilly!

I hope these conditions last a couple of more days. The frozen 'slickrock' makes for a completely different riding experience. I want to get a little bit more because it could be another 10 years before it's this way again.

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