Sunday, April 29, 2007

A very good day

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This is how my weekend closed out, sitting by the creek throwing rocks in the water. Rooting around in creeks getting dirty was one of my favorite things to do when I was a kid. Sharing this with my son was really cool.

Before chilling at the creek I helped out with trailwork over at Patapsco. I showed up late, but still got to help out cutting trail, moving dirt, and (most importantly) drinking beer. We rerouted a section of damaged trail over on the Hilton/Hilltop side. The new singletrack is a big improvement and it has plenty of technical bits.

The crew of volunteers that does trail work is amazing. Good people dedicated to the proposition of sweet trail and good times. They put in a lot of hard, unheralded work that benefits all trail users (exept for the jackasses riding 4-wheelers in the Park!).

After the work session there was a cookout/beer session over by the tire park. Clipper City donated a keg of Red Sky at Night Saison, a tasty Belgian style beer. It was a nice afternoon for downing a few of these.

I did get in some solid riding too, including a 3 hour Avalon tour with Melanie and friends. What an awesome ride! There were a lot of smiles and grins.

Now I need to decide whether I'm doing Lodi next weekend. There are a lot of what-have-you's to consider.

Either way I'll be on my bike because riding bikes is the f-ing bomb!

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