Monday, August 27, 2007

Why you should ride your bike...

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...instead of driving it. Ouch. Yes...I'm a dumbass and a bit distracted right now. This happens to everyone at some point, right???

Luckily the crossbars on the rack gave way before the bike did. The shifters got beat up and the roof of the car has some scratches, but it could have been worse.

And it's Melanie's 'beater' bike set up for pregnancy riding and not her 5900.

Oh well, riding in the heat and humidity this weekend was brutal. My lungs were not working in the dank, sweltering air. I especially suffered on Sunday. I need a rest week.

At least I got all my tubulars glued up this weekend. I'm very close to having my bikes and gear dialed in pre-baby.

This morning's run was the first one that actually felt pretty good. I still didn't enjoy it, but at least my legs didn't feel like cement pilings. I felt like I was striding as opposed to dragging my feet.

We're having a baby on Wednesday so I'm getting a week off the bike, but I wouldn't exactly call it a rest week. It's actually pretty cool. You just focus on what needs to be done and you do it. There's no dithering or whining...just doing. That feels good.

I've got a family that needs my full attention. It's good to have a purpose. Riding bikes and racing cyclocross will wait. And I'm sure I'll come back more motivated than ever. I'll still grab a quick run or a spin over to the park to do some sprints and drills for sanity's sake.


Chris H said...

Is that what I think?

It could have been worse, looks like just the bike rack broke and not the bike, at least from what you can see. Usually the frame and/or fork snaps along with the handlebars.

Sure she's wasn't just looking for an excuse to get a new bike?

Chris Mayhew said...

Wicked pisser there, dude. I was gonna bust on the stem height but then realized it's your wife's bike. Man, is everyone's wife tougher than they are?

Chris Mayhew said...

BTW, Volvo wagons rule. Had a '89 245, now have a 04 V70.

Chris said...

Yeah, the shifters took the first impact and then thankfully the crossbars on the rack slid backward, saving frame and fork.

I was picking her up so she wouldn't have to ride up out of the river valley to get home. Normally we'll move the garage clicker to remind ourselves that there's a bike on the roof.

What can I say? We're a bit distracted and I haven't driven to a ride in a long time since I've got a ton of good riding right out the front door.

Mayhew - Congrats on the birth of your son! That's a pregnancy-special steerer tube extender on the wife's bike so that she can ride without the belly bouncing on the top tube.

Yes, she's tougher than I am and luckily this was her back-up bike. If I had driven the 'phat cat' into the garage there'd have been hell to pay! 8-)

My first car was a 74 Volvo. The wagon rocks...great road trip car. Not psyched about the new scratches on the roof though.

Greg said...

Dude., yes it happens to everyone at some point. Me? Brand new week old 06 Honda Oddessy starship cruiser/4 new Rocky Mounts Racks/Rock Lobster cross bike, Dean single speed and a Santa Cruz Chameleon on top. Kids going off in the back hungry after our trip up to Vail. We see a place, shout "And look! A parking garage! How convenient!". Then sckreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek. The sound of metal blowing up. We railed it right into a parking structure. I had to give myself the Nelson "HA-HA!"....and then shed a tear. Luckily I race for Rocky Mounts so I got the hook up (again) on some new racks (all were destroyed). 1600 bucks to fix teh car. Yea!