Saturday, March 29, 2008

dirt for breakfast

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'Twas another Saturday on Dawn Patrol sampling the goods of Patapsco Avalon. We had a nice group of TMR brethren (mostly riding 1 gear bikes).

The trails are in primo early season form with all the newly-sprouted vegetation sucking up moisture like an infant's diaper...I've become an expert on the absorption properties of diapers.

I'm not sure how to express the sublime fun that was this ride. There was plenty of climbing and railing curvy singletrack. I love riding the technical stuff over on the Balt Co side of the park. The challenges (downhill AND uphill) require a focus that intensifies the enjoyment of the ride.

We stopped at various spots to session logs, skinnies, etc and just to bullshit and enjoy the social side of mountain biking.

Best of all, I got in a long-ish ride and was still home in time to enjoy pancakes for breakfast with the rest of the day open to enjoying time with my family. Getting up before the roosters has a lot of benefits.

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