Monday, April 07, 2008

whiskey for breakfast

Bikes were ridden. Good food was eaten. A lot of stuff was packed into a short weekend, though family harmony was preserved.

Trails on Saturday - I don't know if it was the pollen or my lungs are broken, but I couldn't get a full breath. On the steep climbs the legs felt strong, but after 30 seconds they weren't getting enough oxygen. That makes for not-so-good sensations. Bummer. As with most days when I'm not feeling it I played around on the logs, rode some skinnies, smelled the flowers (maybe that was the problem), and crawled up the climbs. It's hard to not have a good time when riding the mountain bike.

On Sunday I had steeled myself to ride the rollers and watch Fletch, but a window in the weather and schedule opened up. I got out on the fixie on wet roads in the wind with W for a rolling conversation. Dang, that was a nice ride. Loosened up the legs and gave them that nice feeling that is somewhere between sore and supple.

1st dentist appointment followed by swim lessons for mr. Thor. all good in the hood. who knew that those things could be so much fun? money quote, "I was swimming like a whale shark".

Finished shoveling mulch and planted a new crepe myrtle out front. SS mtb muscles were helpful since the dirt & mulch were wet...and heavy.

Watched Thor's new favorite film, Les Triplettes de Belleville, several times.
What a great flick! After repeated viewings I have a new appreciation for the story, the animation, and the twisted humor.

Sunday morning was supposed to be a date mtb ride in the morning, but the rain crapped on those plans. Instead of whining about it we cancelled the babysitter and had a fine morning. Fresh coffee. Whipped up an amazing batch of crispy waffles using Trader Joe's Swedish pancake/waffle mix. The cherry was actually getting to work so I could watch de Ronde in the kitchen. I almost cracked open a beer after the koppenberg, but wimped out and stuck to the coffee.

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gwadzilla said...

the triplets film is a little creepy

I was not sure if it were too creepy for the kids

they watched

but not sure they loved it

not enough fighting for them