Wednesday, June 25, 2008

first poop

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Get up early in the morning (or up all night)
Even with the crappy phone camera you can see first light in the sky at 4:59am.

What a day.
Up at 4:30 to ride the trails with W at 5.
nice way to start the day.

Quality time at the shop during the lunch hour(s)
Getting bikes dialed in for the cranky monkey 12 hr suffer-fest on saturday.

Then Thor makes us proud parents by dropping off his first kid in the pool this evening.  A monumental moment for sure.  I've been proud of some of my poops along the way, but I've never felt as good as I do about the first one from my first born.  Sorry about the lack of photos.  The camera wasn't handy.

I would have celebrated with a beer but I'm trying to limit that to the weekends in my quest to get down to fightin' weight.  Less than 3 months to Charm City.

Over and out.  Up again for another early session on the bike with the TMR in the morning.

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gwadzilla said...

race weight...

if I could be so disciplined

let me grab another beer
and then
some ice cream
after some nachos I may say enough