Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blue turns to Brown

Blue turns to Brown
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Fun times in the mud today at Ed Sander 'Cross. Worked the pit for the B Masters and after washing their bikes decided to not pre-ride the course. Lotta slop and grass clogging up the bikes.

The Blue did a great job of shedding mud and grass. Running the big mud pit helped. Glad a wore the old shoes too. They are a mess!

The Rhinos were perfect foe the conditions. Only a few slippery turns but they hooked up nicely and rolled the soft stuff and slop very smoothly. The tread + width (34) + running them kinda soft was perfect.

Good race for me as I got a decent start in the top 10, then hung on, before moving up a few spots with 2 to go. Couldn't catch the fast old guys but I'm happy with 5th. Chased Gwadz but couldn't quite catch him.

More later.


Scott T. said...


You are a horse for that course, but more importantly, thanks so much for jumping in and pitting for me. I think it helped, although by the end I realized that it wasn't the bike. You're getting one of 2 Mensch awards today.

Very class act. Thanks

Jim said...

Chris, very well ridden. You looked extremely smooth and in control. When you dropped that group of three other guys on the penultimate / last lap, I very much wasn't shocked. Nicely done, you seem at home among the elite.

Family Bike Shop said...

Nice job Chris.

Anonymous said...