Monday, October 24, 2005

Granogue B's (Ode to pain)

Granogue B's

50 minutes of pain,
and a power throw-down
Grind up a hill
Then slip and slide down

Snot slickity turns
and mud everywhere
ending up in my ears
on my face and my hair

The runup of pain
was made tougher by the rain
I needed some crampons
to get my groove on

Behind the big tower
I stubbornly tried to ride
But each time I slipped
and riders passed by

On the off-camber hill
it was such a thrill
To let go and trust
My mantra "no brakes" that day was a must

Once on the road
I thought I would die
With screaming legs of wood
And tires at 32 psi

I went round and round
without even a rest
and suffered to the finish
29th best

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Anonymous said...

Very nice! Awesome race, awesome summary!