Tuesday, April 18, 2006


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Today Thor was in his crib for the afternoon nap, but instead of sleeping he decided to stand up and start yelling. This is the first time he's stood up in his crib, so it's pretty cool. It also means we need to lower his mattress so that he doesn't launch himself out of the crib and onto the floor!

Today is also my second week doing the Tuesday Ronde, a friendly slugfest around the plentiful steep hills of Ellicott City. Sweet suffering galore! Intervals are good for the body and the mind.

Yet again my bike is a disgrace...flat tire, dirty chain, unraveled grip tape, cleats moving around, and a bottom bracket that squeaks like a mother! At least I can tell myself that I wouldn't get dropped if my bike weren't falling apart. Time is tight and my first cycling priority is actually riding my bike. Maintenance happens when some time free's up...rarely these days.

I'm issuing an open invitation to any out-of-towners that want to do a mountain bike ride in my backyard, Avalon. I'll provide the $5 tour and a beer on the porch post-ride...maybe even fire up the grill.

The trails are primo perfezione right now.

Time flies...don't wait to enjoy life.

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