Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cyclocross & Husker Du

Here's a recap of my 'cross races last season with the appropriate Husker Du songs.
Huskers make good songs for training. Plenty of energy, anger, & speed to fuel your efforts.

Charm City - I worked all Saturday and from 5am Sunday to put on the event so I was hurting when it came time for me to race.
59 Times The Pain

Ed Sander - I made it to the lead group, attacked and led for a bit before yo-yo-ing and getting popped by the leaders.
Keep Hanging On

Granogue - New bike, loose headset, wheel comes out of the dropouts, crash, crappy legs, tough day.
Everything Falls Apart

Lower Allen - Good & fast group racing following wheels and my legs felt decent for the first time all season.
Wheels --> Turn It Around

Race Pace - The weather was HOT and the race was FAST. I felt good and was up front early but couldn't quite make it into the top 5.
Sunshine Superman

Reston - FAST & HARD Race with no time for recovery, but I felt good and finished strong.
Beyond The Threshold

MABRA Cross Champs - Stomach bug had me very ill and in bed all weekend so no races.
From The Gut

Fair Hill - I was down 7 pounds from Thursday to Sunday and feeling weak just days before Natz.
Hardly Getting Over It

Nationals - The 35-39 race on Friday was just about as epic as they get. Strangely I felt great.
Standing In The Rain --> Masochism World --> Ice Cold Ice

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