Thursday, May 10, 2007

More Mulch

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Thursday evening my trusty assistant/protege/#1 son (seen here atop ever shrinking Mt. Mulch) and I rolled up our sleeves and shoveled more much.

Wednesday was another babysitter ride on dry and dusty trails. After all of the twists and turns at Lodi many of the Avalon trails seemed interminably straight.

I was thinking that some re-routes to crease the singletrack would slow things down and up the savoriness of some already stellar dirt.

Something else I continue to notice is that there are a lot of riders that are either certified assholes or just unfriendly.
I've had more people bomb down a trail without slowing or yielding an inch when I'm riding in the other direction. If I don't pull of the trail completely we will collide and end up bloodied.

In a similar vein there seem to be more people that will not respond in any way to a friendly greeting. WTF? I can see not acknowledging the stranger that approaches you on the sidewalk downtown, but we're both out on mountain bikes in the woods. We're like minded freaks, right?

It's not all bad. I'm still meeting plenty of kind folks out on the trails. I just worry that as a community we're losing our sense of tribe, our esprit de corps.

I suggest more post-ride beers.

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David Tambeaux said...

+1 with both arms raised. Happens on the road a lot too Chris. While you know I wield the one finger salute, I do acknowledge civility with a wave and hi! Often not returned. What gives? What you said!