Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ouch. boo boo.

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Who the heck goes over the bars on an uphill?
Umm, that would be me.

While doing some short sprints last night on the mountain bike I hit a rock while jamming an uphill. I actually saw the rock and thought my front wheel was going to clear it, but my timing was a little off.

I was out of the saddle in mid-sprint so when my tire kissed the rock I was immediately launched forward.

My hand took the impact as the meaty part of my palm slammed a pointy rock. That sucked. My immediate thought was 'broken hand, no Granogue, boo hoo'.

After some ice and a bunch of ibuprofen it's feeling better...bruised as hell, but not broken. I think that by Saturday I'll be able to hold onto the handlebar but it'll still be sore. Ok, enough whining. Time to HTFU!

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