Monday, October 22, 2007


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cat 2/3 (killer B's)

Beautiful day of racing and spectating.
Unfortunately I pretty much sucked.
Flat legs, sore back, no fire in the belly.
I should have accepted that cup of coffee that E-town offered.

On the bright side I rode a clean race on a very technical course.
But good bike driving isn't enough on that track against that field.
Granogue is not a course where you can fake your way through.
There's just too much climbing and too little recovery.
After a lap I was thinking.
And thinking is bad in a 'cross race.

I'm glad I kept fighting,
Even though I didn't have much to fight with.
27th place
Two spots out of the points
So it's back to scrumming.

At this point I'm just happy that I can get out there and race my bike from time to time.

photo courtesy of Rob Campbell


Jim said...

Gritty performance Chris. How's the Purple Hand of Death?

Shims - you doing Rockburn on Weds? I was thinking about driving up for it since I'll be missing Weds AM Coppi practice. Gmail account, tcrjames...

Scott T. said...

wow, that sounds very familiar, only I can't claim to have ridden well technically. Some days just aren't our days. I think a lot of people found themselves feeling the same way on Saturday

HEFOLY said...

New zip code, new blog.