Saturday, December 29, 2007

winter chill

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That time of year.
The winter chill.
Warm temps this morning allowed us to play in the yard getting muddy and working up an appetite for lunch.

Chipotle. mmmm.

Mel's riding and the kids are napping so I'm sitting in bed with my feet up watching the '06 Koppenburg 'Cross. Lotta cats crashing in this race. I'm not sure we really know what a technical cx course is.

Can't get enough. I'm enjoying the break, but I'm already thinking about next year...and what I've learned this year. I need to sit down and put some of those thoughts in words so that they stick. One big one that comes to mind is about gaps. Knowing when it's ok to leave some space and when it's critical to tighten up the gap. It's crazy how quickly a 10 foot gap can become unbridgable when it occurs at the wrong time.

Been enjoying riding the fixie the last week and that's what I'll be doing later. I'm not even sure I'll ride a bike with gears this Winter. It's fun and it makes me stronger. Win-win.

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Jim said...

I'm with you on the fixed gear training. Fixie training gives you some ASS that the geared bike, with its 10 pre-loaded pain pills, just can't give you. I'm bummed that mine is in the shop with a busted canti stud, and in need of a new BB. I guess the last year of training and then gearing it up for 'cross wounded it pretty good. Oh well, it'll be rolling by Friday or Saturday next.

On the tasty mexi fast food, have you checked out California Tortilla? Same price range, different stuff.

BTW, Happy New Year.