Wednesday, December 19, 2007

da boyz

This photo of the boys was taken back in September. I just came across it again while doing some organizing on flickr and I dig it.

So...I've been enjoying the beer and the cookies of the season and not riding. It's only been 10 days and I'm ready to get back on the bike. I know that it's good to take a break, but I get stiff and sore when I don't ride...and cranky too. I'm going to have to saddle back up soon (like maybe tomorrow morning) just for sanity's sake and to lessen the guilt of drinking a beer every night.

Last night we hit Pub Dog with some friends for Pizza and Beer. Dang it was good. Gotta love a place that brings out 2 beers every time your order 1. Best part was Thor dancing, playing shuffleboard, and generally entertaining the entire bar after dinner.
He didn't want to leave.

Tonight the plan is to put some white bar tape on the fixie. Nothing says pimp hand like riding a fixed gear bike with white bar tape at 5:30 in the morning in December. Or something like that.


Chris H said...

Seeing that I'm now finding myself wide awake at 5 am, I may join you on the TMR tomorrow.

JAA said...

Chris - always smile when I realize you named your son Thor. Being of good nordic stock myself...I tossed that around but instead when w/ a traditional but equally strong ERIC for my boy. I tried to convince my wife to go w/ Cadence for one of the girls...but no go...then I found out Beth M? and DeeDee W both did so...ugghhh. You guys all got the naming hole shot on me. Merry Xmas....

Scott T. said...

I've got the cranky problem too. Work exploded so I'm not riding and I'm working 16 hours a day. Leads to a very cranky boy.

No cycling names discussed for us. My cycling passion is post children

MRussell said...

Keep the Pimp hand strong.

dk said...

Funny how us bicyclers all go through the same effects of withdrawal. Soreness, stiffness, crankyness. Who knew the bike could be such a powerful drug.

Happy holidays to you and your family.

gwadzilla said...


Thor is a strong name

with the blonde locks he seems to be rocking it with the Hammer of the Gods!

cycling names went through my head
but I do not ride fast enough to justify it

a friend named his son Velo last year

but he is like a Centaur on the bike
so he makes it work
not to mention his wife is also a messenger
a pregnant messenger for a while there

and yes
I am not sure about Fatmarc's number 5 either

why is it all or none?

how is the Rita?
still your ride?