Sunday, December 21, 2008


Some cool news from Francois at FMB...


Nouveaux ;

Les boyaux cyclo-cross FMB sont désormais disponsibles avec la nouvelle chape Fango.  Les succés remportés par ce nouveau produit conçu pout exceller dans les conditions boueuses offre une résistance au roulement faible.

New ; The FMB cyclo-cross tubulars are now available with the new tread FANGO.  The success of this new product designed to excel in muddy conditions provides a low rolling resistance.


Scott T. said...

so are they jumping into a giant trademark problem with Challenge?

Chris said...

I don't know. It's not unusual for Dugast to glue a tread from another tire onto their casings. You could send them a set of Michelin Mud's and they'll cut off the tread and glue it onto their tires.

I don't know if FMB has cleared it with Challenge or if they're just doing it. For Challenge it's a validation of their tread...and a Fango/FMB will be a lot more expensive than a Challenge Fango.

I wonder if the lawyers will get involved.

If I could justify the expense I would get some Rhino treads on FMB casings. Instead I'm going to try out some Fango's next season.

Scott T. said...

The Fangos roll incredibly well.

God, I hope that lawyers get involved; I wonder if they have trademark counsel ;-)