Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Recent doings

Much needed vacation, including the stellar 'ritas at Tortuga's Lie in the Outer Banks.

and exercise in the form of digging and digging

and some sand surfing

and general joy from being at the beach

and even some quiet time meditating on life, love, & happiness...stoke-meter at 11.

Post-vaca started with the Ten Fiddy ride, 60+ miles on road starting at 10pm...accompanied of course by multiple beer stops. In bed after 3am and up again at 7 for another ride. Needless to say I was slightly destroyed after that.

The following day was the start of semi-monk mode to prepare for cross season. Thus means getting the body back in balance with a lot of veggies and water. I couldn't give up that morning cup of coffee though. I'm digging the increase in veggie's like rocket fuel (in more than one way).

Thor loves the trails so we have been getting out on the trail-a-bike and hitting the trails at Patapso Avalon.

I have to say that sharing in the experience of mountain biking with my son is cool.

Lastly, I registered for the Shenandoah Mountain 100 again. My goal is to finish on under 10 hours. Last year I did 10hr 14min so it's within reach but I'll need good legs and some luck. In any event it'll be a good block of training before 'cross season begins.

Only 81 days until Charm City Cross and 2 days until I can have a beer.!

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1 comment:

gwadzilla said...

no sm100 for me this year

a few years back I was at 10:23
and I have been getting slower ever since