Monday, July 13, 2009

Wed Happy Hour Ride

In the spirit of making hay while the sun shines...

The Wednesday Happy Hour ride is once again a go this week.

Wheels rolling 5:45pm sharp. We have to run a tight schedule in order
to get the kids in bed & Grandma home post ride (beer) so make sure
your air has tires and all that on Tuesday night.

The management vaguely intends to encourage a mellow, social pace.
While mellow might not translate to everyone we will do our utmost to
keep it social (more conversation than heavy breathing) and fun for
all (in any event there's always beer at the end). If you want the
ride to be easier move up closer to the front of the group for a
steadier pace. If you want to get more of a workout move to the back
of the group where you can get some intervals in courtesy of the
accordion effect. All bets are off if we have a bunch of mechanicals
or other delays and have to hustle to make it back for the beer
portion of the ride (see last week). In that case we will do a race
effort back to the house. First one back to the driveway gets first
pick from the cooler. ;-)

The ride will be maestro'd by me...i.e. I will pick the route and do
my best to keep the group together. There are only so many variations
we can do for a 1.5 hour ride but I'm always open to suggestions. I
try to put together a basic loop on Wednesday morning so that I can
let any late arrivals know where they can intercept us. So, speak up
early if you have a preference. This week I am already craving some
Renegade Nachos!

This week's beer list is still in committee but it'll be good.

See you there?

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