Thursday, December 07, 2006

Natz weather whether wither

The extended forecast for Natz...

Wed - Few Showers 30%, Hi/Low 48/37
Thurs - Scattered Showers 60%, 49/36
Fri - Scattered Showers 60%, 49/32
Sat - Scattered Showers 30%, 42/31

Rain + Temps above freezing + A lot of racers = A torn up course and plenty of action in the pit

The weather in New England is finicky so this could change dramatically, but for now it looks like rubber boots and rain coats will be the fashion trend in Providence next weekend.

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Chris H said...

damn, makes me wish I'd bought the 30mm instead of the 34mm Griffo for the rear

As if Treefarm hasn't complained enough about the course getting chewed up, this will just twist his panties in an even tighter bunch