Tuesday, December 05, 2006


To clarify an earlier point I believe we have achieved a state of killer B utopia in the MAC.

Nobody dominated.
A lot of guys were consistently good.

We had parity.
And not a watered-down NFL parity.

Each race a lot of different guys believed they could win...and they were right.
If the season were longer there would be more different winners.

The competition was fierce.
Nobody gave an inch.

The only downside is that we don't have anyone to target for email abuse.
Except maybe that Bike Doctor guy in the 10am race at Reston.


Adam Szczepanski said...

nice words, and you're pretty accurate. we raised the bar this year. everyone had peak races at different times.

I wanted ETown to win one.
and Morgan. even Rayray.

everyone had a shot this year.

you going to Belgium?

Chris said...

I am hoping to go to Belgium.

It will happen if a few things fall into place...mostly the price of the flights.

How about you?

Adam Szczepanski said...

yeahyeah. Wes found flights at 250 if you leave Wednesday to Amsterdam. return Monday.

I'm looking Thurs-Mon. best I've found is $400.

tripadvisor.com ahs some good hotels.

any recommendations?

Chris said...

Amsterdam would be my first choice!
Great city, 2hr35min train to Brussels.

However you can also check out flights into these cities:

Brussels - sub 1hr train to Bruges
Paris - 1hr25min train to Brussels
London - 2hr45min train to Brussels

I'm looking at $500+ BWI to AMS.

Transcendentally fun time guaranteed.

Adam Szczepanski said...

awww yeah. this is very distracting.

distracted is good.

flights are cheaper for me outa EWR. Philly, not so much. I was checking otra locations, as well. thanks for the trip times to Brugge from each! that's good to know, and I hadn't gotten that far yet.

euro. goodness. awaits.

did you read Page's site? he might do Nats.