Friday, December 08, 2006

pvc boots

Now we're looking at rain Wednesday through Friday with decent weather for the weekend.
Mid-40's and Partly cloudy Saturday and Sunday.

We'll have mud for sure, but it'll be much nicer if it's not raining.

I picked up a cheap pair of 16 inch rubber boots last night.
As long as the hotel has a washer & dryer I'm ready for the slop.

A buddy of mine is building a pump track and a trials area in a big wooded section of his backyard. Looks like I'll be doing some digging and log hauling this winter. Maybe I'll actually acquire some skillz. It'll be fun trying.


gwadzilla said...

did you cut slots in those boots for your clipless pedals?

Chris said...

that would be interesting.
no, the boots are strictly for working the pit.

gwadzilla said...

the pump course sounds sweet

I guess the cut out hole in the boots is more of a Blue Colar Mountain Biking thing