Monday, July 16, 2007

gold amongst the junk

While organizing my workshop this evening I came across a tube of old posters.
Among the gems inside I found a few that I picked up in Zeddam 2006.

Fidea Team (multiple copies...I was definitely drunk and Fidea was hemmoraging swag)

Treviso 2008 Ciclicross World Championships

Hanka Kupfernagel pin-up. It's a keeper (for cyclocross obsessed freaks like myself). I need to clear out some wallspace for it. Or maybe I'll throw it up on ebay...I know a guy in NJ that would pay up for it!

I'll have to get the camera out soon so that I can post photos.


MRussell said...

Hanka is nice but do you have any Daphny van den Brand posters??

Jim said...

Who died and made you Pee Wee Herman?

Chris said...

oh jah, i'm a fan of Daphny and those pigtails! 8-)