Friday, July 06, 2007

Mud and Cowbells

79 days until Charm City 'Cross.

26 days until the first official 'Cross practice.

It's definitely time to stock up on parts and gear.

If you're not racing road it's not too soon to start some easy running or to get re-acquainted with your bike and do some dismounts.

Mud and Cowbells has an excellent post to get you primed for the season and ready for CX practice with instructions on building port-o-barriers.

Molly at also has some inspiring words to get you pumped for cyclocross.

I wish someone around here ran a weeknight Short Track XC series through the Summer leading up to the season. Even an informal practice race would be cool. Hmmmmm.


Chris H said...

damn, I've been thinking about the same thin lately. Like the Wednesday Night series in Boulder.

Jim said...

There might be some good possible venues in Anne Arundel County. The athletic complex near Kinder Farm Park is well lit, has lots of parking, and tons of open space. There are a couple other complexes going down toward Davidsonville that might work too.

If you're serious about trying to get something rolling (or even dropping by one of our , drop me a line at

tcrjames A*T gmail D*O*T* com

I'd be willing to see if others on my team were interested in getting involved - it would help to have a team or a couple involved in the effort.

Greg said...

WHat a greast blog!! I about sullied my undershorts when I saw your blog header. HA! Bart Wellens will never look teh sam eto me. I will always picture him on a pair of under shorts. Thanks for the plug and 'cross on man!