Saturday, January 05, 2008

Dawn down!

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Dawn patrol this morning. I started pre-dawn to ride through the Park over to CCBC to meet Trevor, Jonathon, Jim, Tim, and James for a tour of the finer offerings in Patapsco Avalon.

Fueled only with a cup of mighty fine coffee and the anticipatory adrenaline of a morning ride I high tailed it on the frozen trails and met up with the fellas at 7 sharp.

We started with the rocky goodness of the Baltimore County side before crossing the river and heading into Howard Co. The trails were frozen offering plenty of speed and spectacular traction.

The Cascade Falls were partially iced over and partially cascading. Beautiful stuff, crappy camera phone pic notwithstanding. That's the Unholy Rouleur's bike and my bike locked in a tender singlespeed embrace at the base of the falls.

Sadly, Jim hit a stump later in the ride and went airborne into a tree, cracking a helmet. We've got a man down! Bloodied and bruised he soldiered on back to my house to recover with strong coffee and about a thousand mg's of motrin while Jonathon and Tim time trialed back to pick up their cars.

Who knew the Unholy Rouleur was a nihilist? Looks like Walter tried to sink his teeth into Jim's ear.

Note the slightly concussed look and ice on the knee.

In any event it was a nice ride. Hopefully Jim will recover quickly and get back on the horse that bucked him. I hear there is some video of Trevor giving Jim a massage (or CPR) as he lay wounded on the ground. But, like the CIA interrogation tapes I doubt it will ever surface.


Chris Mayhew said...

Are you trying to imply something?

Chris said...

I might just be...I have since added the rest of the story.

Jim said...

Oy vey. Chris, thanks so much for being the Ultimate Bailout Destination. You were quite kind.

Chris Mayhew said...

Awww man! I saw some bikes making out in front of a waterfall and was hoping for some "I never thought this would happen to me..." story.

Chris said...

Nah...that was back in the pre-blog days. Thanks for sparking that trip down memory lane. 8-) And yes we're married now.

Scott T. said...

And to think that I thought about coming up for that ride; Jim looks bad but I'd hate to see the tree.

If you guys would start later than 7am I could get up there in time. Jake and I rode Wakefield and Accotink with two people from my team. Jake did great until the final 20 minutes. He's not used to 2 hours and he has to go much harder to keep up during the first hour

Jim said...

And by the way, I'm not a nihilist. I'm just a film student from Oswego State.