Thursday, January 31, 2008

the tits

MC rocking it off-road style

Another off-road TMR in the books. The start was muy sketchy. The dirt road through Rockburn was covered in ice. We didn't see it until we were on it. My rear wheel started to come around my front wheel. My sphincter puckered up tight. But my tires found dirt again so I stayed upright.

After that the trails were great. Frozen solid with only a few small patches of ice and some frozen ruts where douchebags have been riding in the mud.

Nice ride and a gorgeous sunrise! I know I'm a broken record, but a night/sunrise mountain bike ride to start the day is the tits!

One of the things that I love most about France is that instead of Starbucks there's a bakery on nearly every corner. Freshly baked artisanal bread is part of everyday life.

We've discovered the Great Harvest Bakery very close to our house. They're good people and they make a big variety of tasty breads. You can sample any of them for free at the front counter. Like good beer and pre-work mtb rides, good bread adds to quality of life. Check 'em out!

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