Tuesday, January 01, 2008

If I'd known it was going to be this kind of party...

Last night...errr yesterday at 5pm the local chapter of 'Crossers with Kids convened at our place for a New Year's Eve get together.

NYE 2007

The McDonald's, Harshman's, and our collective broods hung out for beers, Thai carry-out, desserts by Tina, and repeated viewings of the tractor dvd. Sean & Thor had fun playing with trucks and polishing up those sharing skills. Good times and an early night. I, for one, am happy to be up early and not hung over this morning.

The only bummer is that our plans to hit the trails today are not happening. It's just too wet and muddy out there.

Happy New Year!

Thor & Gavin


gwadzilla said...

looks like a great time...

no logging onto the computer for the SSWC in NAPA?

Greg said...

I want to reach through the comuter and pop open one of those Chimays. Oh, wait. I'm working. That'd violate some kind of human resources code.