Friday, March 28, 2003

Spring is here!

I'm ready to get out and do rides, golf, fishing, travel.

Jazzfest is only 27 days away & we'll be there in 33.

With two races the weekend after NOLA I need to figure out how to maintain fitness at Jazzfest...or more realistically how to regain fitness in the 4 days post fest.

I feel like Larry fricking King...I need to figure out what I want to post here.



A. Allow all of the negativity & uncertainty in the world to fill you with stress & fear.

B. Enjoy life, focus on the positive, and control your own destiny.

i'll take a double order of choice B, please.

This is the first post to my blog. I figured that with all that is going on both personally and globally this would be a good time to start keeping notes and observations from my small patch of the universe. We'll see how it goes...