Friday, November 14, 2003


Virginia lost to Maryland last night so I'm catching some grief on the trading floor today. At least I didn't agree to any wagers yesterday or I'd be hitting the ATM today.

We're going to the Virginia Tech - UVA game the Saturday after Thanksgiving & hoping to welcome the Hokies to the ACC with a butt kicking.

The Hoo's need to get it together and win the last two games of the year to become Bowl eligible. They have a very good team, but this season has been a bit of a struggle. Wins over GA Tech and VA Tech would raise everyone's spirits and give us momentum heading into next year when we should challenge for the ACC title.

Last Saturday I did my second ever Cyclocross race & it was a lot of fun!
I got 2nd and my teammates were 3rd, 4th, and 12th.

Saturn Classic Cyclocross Race 11/8/03 Camp Hill, PA
C Race Podium

It's nice to actually get some results after a couple of years of training and being humbled in races. Results or not, riding the bike is a fun way to stay in shape and relieve stress.

On Monday I'm starting a training program with a coach. This should allow me to train smarter, improve my fitness, and make me more competitive in races.

On the fun side of riding our night riding group has started our weekly night mountain bike rides. While there is some exercise involved these rides are laid back and pure fun.

We have developed a good relationship with the Pastor of a Church that borders the trails. He allows us to use the Church parking lot as a starting point for our rides. This is a big help to us and we've made a donation to the Church to show our appreciation.

On Tuesday's night ride my bike broke, so it's at the shop. The linkage for the rear suspension literally ripped away from the pivot. And I was just riding along...really!

Saturday, October 18, 2003

We just had an amazing Anniversary trip to Fruita, CO for three days of mountain biking.

We stayed at the Mulberry Cottage, a wonderful B&B that took great care of us. The delicious breakfasts and oatmeal craisin cookies gave us plenty of energy for the trails. We will definitely be back!

The local bike shop, Over The Edge Sports hooked us up with some high end rental bikes and gave us directions to the best trails.

We did all of our riding over by the Kokopelli trailhead:
Rustler's Loop - great warm-up, fast and fun!
Mary's Loop - awesome views from the canyon rim trail
Horsethief Bench - sick drop in followed by epic single track and slick rock
Steve's Loop/Handcuffs - awesome loop! single track, some fast & some technical
Lion's Loop & Troy Built - tough, pretty technical trail with mega exposure on the left side. you don't want to mess up a technical section and fall to the left!

Next time we'll do a combo trip of Fruita and Moab (only 1.5hrs away)
The Grand Junction airport is only 15 minutes from Fruita so it's a pretty easy trip.

Also, there's plenty of good Mexican food in Fruita...especially Los Gilberto' and tasty!

Check it out!


Monday, June 30, 2003

looks like Jon and Sally caught 3 great shows at Red Rocks Everyday Companion Online - 06/29/03 Red Rocks

testing the jonxe out
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Friday, March 28, 2003

Spring is here!

I'm ready to get out and do rides, golf, fishing, travel.

Jazzfest is only 27 days away & we'll be there in 33.

With two races the weekend after NOLA I need to figure out how to maintain fitness at Jazzfest...or more realistically how to regain fitness in the 4 days post fest.

I feel like Larry fricking King...I need to figure out what I want to post here.



A. Allow all of the negativity & uncertainty in the world to fill you with stress & fear.

B. Enjoy life, focus on the positive, and control your own destiny.

i'll take a double order of choice B, please.

This is the first post to my blog. I figured that with all that is going on both personally and globally this would be a good time to start keeping notes and observations from my small patch of the universe. We'll see how it goes...