Wednesday, July 21, 2004

really quick post TT report

> the TT was amazing, quite an atmosphere.
> we watched from high on the hillside overlooking switchback # 1 the final one before
> they
> entered the village. we sat just below the second S on the huge BASSO painted on the
> hill. we think the helicopters filmed us a couple of times but we're not sure. the
> view
> was great, we could see the action on several switchbacks from there. look for us on
> TV
> tonight. i wore a blue sleeveless Joe's Bike Shop jersey and Mel had her Postal jersey
> and cowboy hat on.
> big win for Lance, he is dominant right now.>
> time for dinner and an early AM tomorrow...riding by 6am to get to the top of col du
> Glandon before the race arrives.
> take care,
> Chris and Melanie
> p.s. we had a couple of beers with the cutters after the stage. they're actually
> pretty
> good guys and kind of happy that their show got cancelled. now they get to follow the
> tour, get paid to do so, and not have to do much of anything.

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