Monday, January 03, 2005

I rode my bike today

I rode my bike today

I rode my singlespeed to the Whole Foods to buy groceries

I bought a piece of monkfish

They call it poor man's lobster

I don't know who the heck "they" are but it was pretty tasty

I also bought some fruit and some olives and some cheese w/walnuts in it and some walnuts

I still had the toe spikes in from 'cross season

I made a funky tapping sound with every step in the store

I listened to The Streets "A Grand Don't Come For Free"

British Rap Concept Album...yeah, strange genre

I think the cashier was frustrated because I couldn't hear her

But it was a good song, the one about the clippers needing a shake

Or maybe it was the shoes

I tried to get massive air jumping off the curbs

At least I didn't crash

Those olives are good

I gave into my sweet tooth and ate 14 m&m's after dinner

How will I ever get to 7 Watts/kg eating like that???

I drove my car for 0 minutes today

I rode my bike for 19 minutes today

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