Saturday, February 05, 2005

Coffee Shops & Cafe's

Props to Gwadzilla for inspiring this post with his entry this morning.
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A coffee shop where the community can hang out and enjoy a good brew is a beautiful thing.

In Paris and other European cities the cafe is a social hub where people gather for fellowship and reflection. Chilling at a cafe in Europe is one of my favorite things in life.

We have an amazing shop in our neighborhood complete with comfortable couches, shelves full of books, and board games galor. Plus, the food & brew are tasty. You'll see people spend hours there reading the paper, working on laptops, playing scrabble, chatting, and enjoying each others company.

I dig Starbucks too. Yeah, they seem to be ubiquitous, but they provide a needed service and they do it well.

Now, when it comes to my favorite cup of coffee Peet's is far and away the best. I'm enjoying a big 'ol cup right now with my oatmeal as I fuel up for a 5 hour ride up around Prettyboy Reservoir.

It's gonna be a good day. 8-)

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gwadzilla said...

the Coffee Shops in Amsterdam are far superior to any Coffee Shop I have ever been in the states....

I agree that the local Coffee Shop has the ability to bring a community together...

one of the City Bikes Mountainbike Team Sponsors is TRYST Coffee Shop in Adams Morgan
this place is the TWILIGHT ZONE
people go in there and lose hours of their lives...
great it you have time to kill

but there are bikes to ride and diapers to change
normally.... if I go for coffee it is to get coffee...

although I do love to hang and chill

but the coffee shops tend not to be that social....

in the same way that a group of bowlers keep their attention to their bowling lanes...

the people at the Coffee Shops keep their attention to their couches

DC has a little bit too much attitude
people are real sour