Saturday, April 16, 2005

Fitness & Focus

After months of long rides and grueling intervals you sometimes wonder if the training will actually produce results. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, you're suffering up a climb or following an acceleration and think you're going to blow. You're hurting, but you go ahead and push it a little harder and whoah! you're not're going faster...still suffering like a dog, but you've found another gear!

That's a nice feeling. It makes the long winter evenings on the trainer seem worthwhile. Once you realize that the training is paying off you get more confidence that you can push just a little bit harder. I think that the mental edge from training is almost as important as the physical adaptation. When you believe that you can do it you're more likely to make it happen.

Well, my legs are really starting to come around. After a month of racing I'm feeling stronger than ever...just in time to stop racing for a while!

With a baby due any day now I'm in full parenthood mode. I'm really psyched to be a Dad with all of the experiences and challenges that accrue to that position! I'll still get some riding and training in...if only for the mental health benefits. 8-)

By missing most of the late spring/summer races I should be fresh and very motivated for 'cross. Maybe Thor will be able to ring a cowbell and cheer for his Dad at a couple of races. Good times.

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