Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lekker ding!

Life has been busy around here lately.

We closed on the purchase of a house on Valentine's Day. A sappy card and a box of chocolates has gotten old so we decided to go big this year! After the closing we celebrated with cheese, crackers, & a couple of bottles of Stella Artois in our new home.
The movers are trucking our furniture and big stuff on March 3 so in the meantime we've been moving boxes and doing some work to get the house ready. My Step-Father and I built a nice bike shop in the basement this weekend. We put up peg board on the walls and installed a nice work bench on rollers. The bikes will be getting a lot more attention now that we have room to hang our tools and set up a work stand. The bikes will be hanging from hooks on the rafters. It's a nice set-up.

The bikes will be getting plenty of use too. From our driveway it's about a 2 minute ride to singletrack leading into Rockburn Park. Rockburn connects to Patapsco Avalon so we have a ton of singletrack out the front door. The road riding is not bad either with the hills of Ellicott City climbing out of the Patapsco River valley and rural western Howard County not far away.

When the trails dry up I'm looking forward to doing some early morning mtb rides before work. I figure I can ride with lights for the first half and finish up as the sun rises. We'll also the after work rides, taking turns hitting the trails. I'm doing some research on Burley trailers because I think Thor will enjoy cruising around the trails at Rockburn. Man, I'm looking forward to getting more riding in, because it's not happening right now...we're just too busy (but it's all good 'busy')!

We'll miss the City (mostly all the good restaurants for carry-out) but it's time to move on. Now I just need to find some good Sushi & Thai near the new house.


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