Thursday, March 30, 2006

Water Monster

A crappy day at work stays at work.
How can I be in a bad mood when I have this water monster waiting at home???

Water Dragon

Yeah, work has been a hassle, but it's not reality.
Don't buy into any b.s. about loyalty & commitment when it comes to dealing with a corporation.
The ~man~ is not looking out for you beyond when it's in his own best interests.
I'm fine with that as long as I know it up front.
Just let me do my thing and leave me alone.

Enough of that. I work hard, but work is not near the top of my priorities.
It's a means for me to provide for my family and live my life.

And I've been enjoying it.

We're pretty well settled into the new digs. We're putting a patio & deck out back. The patio is done and the deck should be completed by next week. With Spring here it'll be nice to chill out back.

I've been getting in one or two early morning mountain bike rides during the both days on the weekends. I'm really not training, but I'm getting enough riding in to not get fat.
My road bike has had a flat tire for 2 months and I've been doing beginner freeride stuf --> jumps, drops, riding skinnies. Shit, I might have to get some baggy shorts and platform pedals!

Riding the mountain bike has been a nice change. Our move has coincided with one of the driest Springs ever. That means tight, fast, DRY singletrack!

I just got back from meeting the family for lunch at Banjara. Thor was absolutely loving the Indian food. He couldn't get enough. It was pretty funny to watch. Hopefully, it won't tear through him tonight.

We're trying to swing it to do the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms in early May. I really hope that works out.

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megA said...


Work is a means, my friend. Good for you to not buy into the corporate shiate.

I will be riding the Loch Thursday afternoon--3 ish 4 ish with Janet, and in EC for quiche from Sarah and Desmond's, but that is the extent of my whirlwind visit to MD. I do hope to be able to come down this summer and see y'all!

big love to Mel and the water beastie!