Thursday, October 12, 2006

Grote Prijs Race Video has video of the entire Grote Prijs Cyclocross race up on their site. Those mofo's are faaaaast!

With the proliferation of youtube, google video, etc. we're going to see a lot more race video from races in the US and Euro-land this season. Word.

Check it out here.


Adam Szczepanski said...

damn that's a cool course. we should never complain about technical or courses that favor riders up front. starts are cyclocross.

Chris said...

hells yes. that's my kind of track.
trees in the middle of the course? that seems to be popular over there.
and Niels Albert is totally a sandbagger!

Anonymous said...

Man, I'm so glad you posted that! I watched in awe last night. I would love to race on a course like that. Holy hellacious hills of loose dirt... looks like a beast of a course but you gotta love that weaving singletrack.

Happy belated Anniversary and see you at Granogue!