Friday, October 06, 2006


When I was about 10 years old I rode a Schwinn Mag Scrambler. It was a nice bike and I rode it all the time. I was happy.

Then my brother got a new bike. All of a sudden my bike didn't look as nice and I too wanted a new bike.

A meeting was held between me, my brother Jon, and our buddies Judson & Tyler. A plan was hatched to get a new bike for me.

We climbed up onto the tall auditoreum building of the elementary school next door and hauled my bike up to the roof. We gave the bike a rolling start and launched it off the roof onto the ground below. Surely this would break the bike and I would would get a new one thanks to Schwinn's generous warranty.

We climbed down off the roof and hurried over to inspect the bike guessing how many pieces it would be in. To our surprise the tough bastard was still in one piece, albeit with bent chainstays, good for riding around in circles.

The bike had survived and suddenly I felt really bad about trying to trash my beloved bike. We scrapped the plan and ran home to get hammers. We used them to hammer the shit out of the chainstays to get the frame back in alignment.

Amazingly, the bike rode great from that day forward surviving many rickety plywood jumps and stupid stunts. Eventually I moved on to a 10-speed that I could use to explore outside of my neighborhood but that Mag Scrambler has always had a special place in my heart.


Jim said...

Nice. I broke all the bikes in the family one winter when I discovered I could ride down this hill near our house, and flat track the bikes through the 90 degree turn at the bottom, bouncing off a plow-made snow drift berm, and rocketing down the icy street at 30 MPH. Nobody blinked when my bike - a big old red Schwinn too - turn up to have a busted frame (near the bottom bracket & chain stays) in the spring, but my mom and sisters were suspicious that theirs were busted too. I never told them, and my parents fortunately never recalled me putting on a snowmobile suit and heavy boots to go bicycling. Odd, you'd think they'd remember a 14 year-old kid doing something that weird.

gwadzilla said...

I always wanted the Schwinn Scrambler

I have a similar story

but the chain broke
I took it in the nuts

Chris said...

That sounds like pretty normal 14yr old kid behavior to me!