Monday, March 26, 2007

I've got the fever!

Sunday was a day for Spring fever.

I might have overdone it.

I rolled around on my way-overgeared fixie for 2 hours with secret-training-Sean and Chris.

The rest of the day (before and after) was spent gardening. My super-helper/protege and I planted a row of hedges along the back of our yard and an azalea in front of the compost bin.

We shoveled, wheel-barrowed, moved dirt, played with worms, and threw rocks in the creek.
That's good stuff.

Later, he helped Mom wash bikes. He's pretty handy with the hose and a sponge. In a few years I'll put him to work in the pits at 'cross races. 8-)

We wired up some outdoor speakers on the deck so we can listen to tunes out back. C'est tous bon.

Spring fever is good for the soul.

It's also tough on the body. The riding (grinding) and shoveling have me sore all over.

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megA said...

Ah--to be in the pseudo-south. . .we can't uite have this kind of day yet. but everyone up here thinks i'm a southerner. hahahahahhahahaha! they don't teach the whole MD-was-a-border-state thing I guess. . .

miss you guys and the trails. i may bring my mt bike down in three weeks.