Thursday, May 03, 2007


On the bike riding front, this week was one of zen-like balance.

Fun vs. Suffering
Smiling vs. Drooling
Enjoying the scenery vs. Tunnel-vision

One adds to the appreciation of the other.
Too much of one leads to burnout.
All things in balance.

On Tuesday we lined up a babysitter allowing us to get out on the trails together.
We rode a casual pace, catching up and enjoying being out in the woods. Leaves and foliage that had only been hinted at on Sunday seemed to have busted out into full existence overnight.

We loosened up sore muscles and stretched the legs on a few of the climbs, but overall it was a relaxing, social ride. It's really nice to share that with the love of your life.

Leaving work on Wednesday I scrambled home in order to meet up with the Singlespeed Outlaw crew for their weekly ride. Traffic had me running late so I hammered from my driveway across the Park and over toward the Rolling Rd. trailhead, making it to the base of the entrance trail in under 30 minutes. I was winded from the effort so I rode slowly up the trail trying to recover before meeting up with the ride. I knew this ride was going to be fast so I was a bit nervous. Halfway up to the road I heard the sound of a train of riders bombing down the trail.

Sure enough, it was a band of singlespeeders out to rock the trails. I joined the group and did my best to hang on. The speed on the downhills had me pushing my limits. That was cool. I enjoy trying to follow and learn from riders that are on a different level. We zipped over to the HoCo side and headed up the steep water-bar climb. Joe and RickyD were putting the hurt on us! I was cross-eyed and trying to muscle my way up the trail.

Once up on the ridge we flew around the singletrack, railing turns and flowing with the trails. I was nose-to-stem and breathing hard trying to maintain the pace, but damn it was fun!

I peeled off from the group over by Landing Rd. in order to get home for dinner. I’m guessing the speed and suffering levels remained high as those guys were heading back over to the Hilton/Hilltop area to ride the re-route from last weekend.

I’m going to try to make this ride on a more regular basis. There’s nothing like chasing fast guys around the trails to build fitness and technical skills.

Earlier in the week I was on the fence about Lodi. Now I’m committed and fired up to do the race. Perkins and I are planning to race the Duo class on singlespeeds, but RickyD might decide to join us for the 3-person SS class. The competition there looks tough, but it would be cool to give it a go. It’ll be fun to hang out and race with a bunch of mtb and ‘cross friends that will be there.

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MRussell said...

Best of luck at Lodi this weekend.