Friday, November 23, 2007

caught by the cold

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The entire house has been fighting a relentless cold for over a week now. We had been planning on doing the big Thanksgiving Day ride at Avalon, but there was no way we could make it work in our condition.

60+ degree temperatures at 8am made it tough to stay inside and the jones to ride on such days is a powerful force. After our midday Thanksgiving meal, Mel's Mom agreed to stick around so that we could get out for some sort of ride.

We weren't moving fast and we left a trail of snot behind us, but we had a nice time out in the woods. The colorful display of Fall foliage was split between the trees and the trail making for a visual treat that Hunter S. Thompson might have envisioned on a psychadelic excursion. Our timing was perfect as a cold front blew in towards the end of our ride. Cold wind and drizzle chased us back to the warm phlegm-factory that is our home.

Later that evening while exploring the internets Thor and I put away some chips and salsa with an orange juice (him) and a Clipper City Heavy Seas Category 5 Winter Storm Ale. (me) The kid has a strong appreciation for the finer things in life.


This morning we rallied to make the trip into Charm City for the Holiday Festival of Trains (and arrival of Santa) at the B&O Rail Museum. We had a ball watching Santa arrive by train and even got to take a train ride ourselves.


The B&O is a fantastic museum housed in an old roundhouse full of a variety of vintage trains.
Good stuff.

Now, back to being sick...but I can't help but get out for some kind of ride on the trails today. The rain never really happened so conditions are still excellent. I think I'll take the geared mountain bike out for the first time in months so that I can take it easy.

Probably no racing for me this weekend since we're all under the weather, but I'll be back for Reston and Rockburn to close out my season.

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Jim said...

Hey, I was thinking Chris - if it's green, and two weeks, it probably isn't a cold. Green usually means "need antibiotics."

Your pal, walking, er, Riding Pneumonia Boy