Wednesday, April 02, 2008

time is an illusion

Waking up before the rooster to ride is easy to do so that I can hang out with these guys after work.

from spitting up to sitting up...

to rocking our world! ;-)

Gonna be toughening up the gearing on Rita for Baker's Dozen.
From 32x19 currently to 34x18 or maybe even 34x17. Whatever it takes to justify all the chains I stocked up on recently.

I'll be in the SS Solo field with a goal of more laps than beers. My ass will tell me when it's time to stop riding and start drinking. That should be a win-win for me.


Back at it tomorrow morning. Wheels rolling sometime before 5:30am. Gigglewatts, donut stress scores, functional lighting threshhold, and all the other fancy bike riding buzzwords.

Coffee is my friend.

1 comment:

gwadzilla said...

you should rock that course~!

just need to do more laps than you would do on a duo team and you will be on schedule

nothing worse than the joker saying that they raced solo and they do the same amount of laps that most people do on a three man team