Thursday, June 12, 2008

batteries on the charger

Chilling at the beach
Outer Banks NC
Eating, drinking (too much good beer), sleeping
Digging in the sand
Floating in the water
Having a ball

The only riding has been loading a kid on a beach cruiser euro-style
and pedaling from the house to the beach.

I did my first run of the year the other day and it felt pretty good.

There was also a nice 80 minute massage on Monday. I felt high as a kite walking out of there. Always a sign of a quality massage.

I'm always amazed how my whole attitude feels after a vacation off the bike. Motes get topped off and my hunger to ride becomes ravenous.

Body and mind are rested. Quality family time. A week+ not chained to a desk. Everything is back in balance and I'm ready to do the work to get ready for 'cross. It's as much mental as it is physical.


I'm hungry.

Team AFC is flying fixed at RAAM. Follow their progress here and here. They are an inspiration.


camps said...

no surf shots?

BTW, Boudreax's rox,
my ass and I have been very happy,
and my saddle has a perma-sheen to it now.

Chris said...

me know likey shore break...stuck to body surfing when i had some time during naps. i need the gentle longboard break that cruises in all mellow-like.