Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Charm City 'Cross 2008

The race went well this year.
A few hiccups (like not enough beer) that will be fixed next year.
Great teamwork to make it happen.
Like always, the day was a blur but what I saw looked good.
Like always, I felt like crap warming up and raced pretty well.
Big thanks to Chris Newell for the encouragement and the pull's.
We were working together to move up and both feeding off the cheers for "Chris".

It was pretty funny and was a welcome distraction from the suffering.

My chain had partially slipped off when I shouldered my bike, but I was able to reach back, turn the pedals, and get it back on.  That was pretty cool.
Sleep is overrated
Burritos = good fuel
Thor loved the lil' Belgians race. In fact, we had a hard time getting him off the course. 8-)


Teammate Kevin Dillard has a bunch of cool photos at


Dirty Girl said...

Thanks for putting on an awesome race! Next year I'm bringing a pail, shovel and beach towel to navigate the sand pits. Riding them is too frigin' hard.

Kim said...

so worth the trip...what a perfect course, what a great event!

Jim said...

Great race.

Man, that cowbell has a signature, doesn't it?

Forrest said...

I grew up in MD. Now live in utah. Check out our cross scene at and check my blog,