Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Originally uploaded by homey at the velodromey
flubbed the start
but got back up front quickly
oh boy, i'm on Gunnar's wheel...good place to be
oh crap, i think i just broke my saddle
it's probing my colon
pitting twice during lap one is never good
from way back in the field i worked my way forward
Judd and I worked together well to reel back a few guys on the last lap
and I jumped at the right time to win that group for 17th
not what i was hoping for
but I'm actually very happy with how I raced after the first lap
I learned a lot about moving forward, passing guys, and moving from group to was like bike racing school
I love cross


Scott T. said...

yeah, so what was up with the Saddle.

one word -- Thomson

no alternatives

Anonymous said...

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